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Yukti Herbs Punarnava Capsules | Regenerates your Liver and Kidney | Removes Excess Water from the Body | Helps in Fatty Liver, Liver Cirrhosis, Hepatitis, Chronic Kidney Disorders, UTI | 100% Natural extracts | Pure Vegetarian formula | Visible Results in 15 days |

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Key Benefits

✔ Relieves Water Retention
✔ Improves Liver and Kidney health
✔ Maintains Overall Joint Health

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Punarnava (Boerhaavia diffusa) is accredited with the name 'The Regenerator' in Ayurveda. The multiple health disciplinary approach makes it an integral part of the traditional Indian medicine system. Some herbs offer several benefits as a standalone herb. Welcome to the world of Punarnava and its immaculate health benefits.

The name ‘Punarnava’ consists of two words – ‘Punar’ (again) and ‘Nava’ (new). You must have got an idea why it is considered the best herb for slowing the ageing process. It replenishes the mind and body. How? It revives the body at the cellular level. No more worrying about the daily wear and tear of the body.

What other benefits does Punarnava have to offer? Use Punarnava daily (As prescribed) to enjoy optimal health standards across body weight, sugar levels, joint health and liver & kidney health. Begin your Ayurvedic journey with Punarnava to safeguard your body against frequent damage.


Each 500mg Vegetarian Capsule contains Standardized Extracts of :
• Punarnava (Boerrhavia diffusa) Std. ext. - 500 mg


1-2 capsules a day or as prescribed by your physician.

Safety Info

• Follow the recommended dosage only.
• Keep it safe and away from children.
• Keep away from direct sunlight or heat.
• Keep the container tightly closed, as vegetarian capsules and water soluble standarized extracts tend to absorb moisture.
• Pregnant and lactating mothers should consult the doctor before consumption.



1. How is Punarnava beneficial?

Punarnava is regarded as a rejuvenator. It exhibits antioxidant, Deepan (appetiser) & Pachan (digestive) properties. The result is an improved metabolism. It promotes healthy absorption and assimilation of nutrients and rejuvenates overall health.

2. How is Punarnava useful in Diabetes?

Diabetes causes so many degenerative changes in the human body, and Punarnava is one such herb that just helps the body at the cellular level for regeneration.

3. Is Punarnava good for the Liver & Kidney disorders?

Punarnava is rich in anti-oxidants. It fights liver & kidney cell damage and prevents the accumulation of free radicals. Punarnava is a natural diuretic as well and is very beneficial in patients suffering from asictes, pedal edema, and general water retention. Even patients suffering from Congestive Heart Failure find great relief due to Punarnava's diuretic effect.

4. Can Punarnava promote eye health?

Eye disorders are generally an outcome of vitiated Kapha and Pitta dosha. Punarnava helps to balance the situation and prevents inflammation & degeneration of the eyes. It also nourishes the other sensory organs.

5. Does Punarnava help manage Gout and High Uric Acid?

Gout and High Uric Acid are the outcomes of excessive Ama dosha in the body. Punarnava has Deepan (appetiser) & Pachan (digestive) properties. It balances the ama dosha and enhances metabolism. It prevents the accumulation of uric acid in the joints. You feel better against Gout and associated conditions.

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