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Haridra Ghritam

Haridra Ghritam

Yukti Herbs Haridra Ghritam | Haldi Ghee | Promotes Good Health & Overall Well-Being | Relieves Pain & Inflammation | Reduces Blood Glucose Levels | Regulates Constipation | Best for Diabetes, Arthiritis, High Colesterol, General Weakness | Improves Skin and Hair Health

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Introducing "Haridra Ghritam," a truly exceptional Ayurvedic concoction that has earned the nickname "The Liquid Gold." This unique blend combines the goodness of 100% Pure Desi Cow Ghee, prepared using the revered 'Vedic Bilona Technique', with the powerful medicinal properties of Haridra, also known as Turmeric (Curcuma longa).

This extraordinary fusion offers a wealth of health benefits, including enhanced immune support and improved digestion by stimulating the production of digestive juices and enzymes. Say goodbye to bloating, gas, and indigestion with regular consumption of 1-2 teaspoons of Haridra Ghritam with meals or warm milk.

Enriched with essential fatty acids, vitamins, minerals, and antioxidants, this formulation effectively neutralises harmful free radicals and protects the body from oxidative stress. Furthermore, it nourishes body tissues and enhances nutrient absorption, promoting overall well-being.

Begin your holistic wellness journey today with this exquisite Ayurvedic preparation, and experience the multitude of health benefits it offers. Embrace the harmony of sacred Cow's Ghritam and Haridra for a healthier you.


•A2 Ghee


Take 1-2 tbsp. to your pulses, vegetables, or breads. You may also add 1-2 tbsp. to warm milk.

Safety Info

Safety Info:
Follow the recommended dosage only, discuss with our experts to know this.
Keep it properly sealed.
Consult the doctor before consumption if you are pregnant.



1. What is A2 Cow Ghee exactly, how is it different from normal Cow Ghee?

The key difference lies in the milk source.
A2 Cow Ghee: This is made from the milk of indigenous cow breeds like Gir, Sahiwal, and Rathi. These cows naturally produce the A2 beta-casein protein, which is considered easier to digest for most people.
Normal Cow Ghee: This can be made from milk of various cow breeds, including crossbreeds that might contain the A1 beta-casein protein. A1 can cause digestive issues and inflammation in some individuals.

2. What is Bilona Method?

The Bilona method is a traditional, time-honoured technique for making ghee. The process is : Fresh A2 Cow's milk is converted to curd. The curd is then churned for hours using a special earthen vessel and a wooden churner called (Ghani). This gentle, rhythmic churning separates the butterfat from the buttermilk. The buttermilk is drained, leaving behind the pure butter.

3. Does Haridra Ghritam have any effects on heart health?

As Haridra Ghritam contains A2 Cow Ghee, it is best for maintaining heart health without worrying about the cholesterol in species. It contains- Healthy Fats: It is rich in Medium Chain Triglycerides (MCTs), which can increase good HDL cholesterol and decrease bad LDL cholesterol, potentially reducing the risk of heart disease.
Vitamins: It contains fat-soluble vitamins A, D, E, and K, which are important for overall health, including heart health. Vitamin K2, in particular, is crucial for maintaining healthy arteries.
Conjugated Linoleic Acid (CLA): This fatty acid found in A2 Cow Ghee has anti-inflammatory properties, which may benefit heart health by reducing inflammation in the arteries.
Reduced A1 beta-casein: Unlike normal ghee, A2 Ghee primarily contains the A2 beta-casein protein, which some studies suggest is easier to digest for most people and may not trigger inflammation like A1 beta-casein found in some cow breeds. This reduced inflammation could potentially benefit heart health.

4. Why is Haridra Ghritam expensive as compared to other cow ghee brands?

A2 Cow Ghee is generally expensive due to its limited availability and very lengthy preparation method. We process this A2 Cow Ghee in another classical ghritham preparation method, where first we do the Ghrit Murchhna using a few key herbs decoction, this Murchhit Ghritam is then processed with Fresh Juice of Amba Haldi, which is the topmost variety of Haridra. Arranging so many ingredients, and processing them in such a technical manner makes it costlier.

5. Do you accept bulk orders?

Yes, we do accept bulk orders, but only if we can supply the quantity in demand. You can reach us at Ph.+91-752-786-9388 for your bulk orders. Our team will tell you upfront about the availability or the lead time we need to serve your order.

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