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Yukti Herbs Bhumiamla Capsules | Protects Liver & Kidney | Regenerates Liver cells | Accelerates Digestion & Enhances Metabolism | Initiates the elimination of Toxins (Ama) | Dissolves Kidney Stones | 100% Natural extracts | Pure Vegetarian formula | Visible Results in 15 days

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Key Benefits

✔ Stimulates Liver Function
✔ Dissolves Renal & Gall Bladder Calculi
✔ Relieves Indigestion & Gastritis

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Bhumiamla (Phyllanthus niruri) is a natural and effective Ayurvedic supplement for liver and kidney health.

How would you react if someone called a herb The Stone Breaker? Now is the time to gather your expressions. Bhumiamla dissolves kidney stones and gallstones. Bhumiamla is a potent anti-oxidant and hepatoprotective agent. You should know, it prevents cystic and stone formation while balancing tridoshas. Keep counting its benefits. The end is too high.

The Pitta balancing properties reduce Acidity & Indigestion in no time. Bhumiamla is recommended for conditions such as Fatty Liver, Liver Cirrhosis, Hepatitis, Pancreatitis, and Jaundice. It detoxifies the liver and regenerates liver cells. Its anti-viral properties help lower the viral load increased due to Hepatitis like viral attacks.

Bhumiamla can promote better digestion and excretion, enhance metabolism, eliminate toxic matter (Ama), boost the immune system, and rejuvenate overall health. Try Bhumiamla today for natural and effective liver and kidney detoxification.


Each 500mg Vegetarian Capsule contains Standardized Extracts of :
• Bhumiamla (Phyllanthus niruri) Std. Ext.- 500 mg


1-2 capsules a day or as prescribed by your physician.

Safety Info

• Follow the recommended dosage only.
• Keep it safe and away from children.
• Keep away from direct sunlight or heat.
• Keep the container tightly closed, as vegetarian capsules and water soluble standarized extracts tend to absorb moisture.
• Pregnant and lactating mothers should consult the doctor before consumption.



1. How is Bhumiamla beneficial?

Bhumiamla possesses antioxidant, anti-viral, and hepatoprotective properties. It stimulates liver function and reverses any damage caused to the liver and adjoining organs like the gallbladder and pancreas.

2. Is Bhumiamla helpful in stomach & intestinal ulcers?

Bhumiamla is responsible for stimulating liver function. It helps to balance pitta dosha and prevents excessive gastric acid secretion. This specific property helps to prevent gastric ulcers.

3. Does Bhumiamla help in Hair, Skin and Nail disorders?

As per Ayurveda, Hair, Skin and Nail disorders are associated with the vitiation of Pitta dosha. Bhumiamla balances the Pitta Dosha and rejuvenates liver health which in turn improves Hair, Skin and Nail health issues. Bhumiamla helps nourish the skin and hair cells. It stops hair fall, hair loss, early greying of hair, and skin issues like acne & blemishes.

4. Can Bhumiamla treat kidney stones?

Bhumiamla is known worldwide as 'The Stone Breaker'. It exhibits diuretic properties as well and also enhances the elimination of magnesium, potassium, and oxalate components from the blood. It helps in preventing and treating Kidney Stones.

5. Can Bhumiamla treat Hepatitis?

Bhumiamla is anti-viral and hepato-protective in action. It stimulates liver function and rejuvenates liver health. It ensures the elimination of toxins from the liver and helps to combat Hepatitis B like virus in the body.

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