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Yukti Herbs Arjuna Capsules | Protects your Heart | Regulates Blood Circulation | Maintains Healthy Blood Pressure | Manages Lipid Levels | 100% Natural extracts | Pure Vegetarian formula | Visible Results in 15 days |

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Key Benefits

✔ Promotes Cardiovascular Wellness
✔ Maintains Healthy Lipid Levels
✔ Regulates Blood Flow

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Arjuna (Terminalia Arjuna) has phenomenal properties to support heart health. Know two things: It acts as a heart shield and improves coronary artery functioning. The regulated blood flow helps maintain overall health. How many herbs or products can you use to protect the heart without side effects? Your heart knows how Arjuna benefits it. Time for you to start using it.

Arjuna herb is the best source of a natural vitamin-like substance called Coenzyme Q10 (Co-Q10, the most important element for the proper functioning of muscles. Our heart muscles are the most vital part of our body, and Arjuna supports the proper functioning of such muscles as well as different organs of the body. We have researched for you. Now, you enjoy its benefits.

Arjuna helps regulate blood flow, maintain healthy lipid levels, improve muscle health, and support the functioning of the liver. Its astringent properties help treat ulcers and wounds. The controlled cholesterol levels keep your heart pumping to its strength.


Each 500mg Vegetarian Capsule contains Standardized Extracts of :
• Arjuna (Terminalia arjuna) Std. Ext. - 500 mg


1-2 capsules a day or as prescribed by your physician

Safety Info

Follow the recommended dosage only.
Keep it safe and away from children.
Keep away from direct sunlight or heat.
Keep the container tightly closed, as vegetarian capsules and water-soluble standarized extracts tend to absorb moisture.
Pregnant and lactating mothers should consult the doctor before consumption



1. How is Arjuna beneficial?

Arjuna is a potent Ayurvedic herb possessing antioxidant, antimicrobial, anti-tumour, and anti-inflammatory properties. It strengthens the cardiovascular system and helps to treat cardiovascular disorders.

2. Can Arjuna prevent Atherosclerosis?

Arjuna possesses anti-tumour and anti-inflammatory properties. Arjuna prevents the accumulation of plaque or saturated trans-fats on the inner lining of arteries. It prevents atherosclerosis and the risk of heart disease.

3. Does Arjuna lower Blood Pressure?

Arjuna prevents atherosclerosis and also prevents the formation of blood clots. It also acts as a natural blood thinner. It regulates blood circulation and improves blood pressure.

4. Do I need to add additional herbs for better heart health or Arjuna alone is sufficient?

Arjuna alone is sufficient for heart health but when mixed with other potent herbs like Punarnava, Dalchini, Black Cardamom, Pushkarmool etc., benefits get multiplied. So, one can use combinations too. At Yukti Herbs, we have 2 very important formulations particularly for Cardiovascular health i.e. 'Arjun Ksheeram' - Herbal Tea for the Heart and 'Cardio Savior' capsules for patients suffering from Angina, CAD, Hypertension etc.

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