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Allergy Savior Pack

Allergy Savior Pack

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Key Benefits

• Protects from seasonal allergies
• Strengthens Respiratory System
• Boosts Immunity and Digestion

The Allergy Savior Pack offers a natural and Ayurvedic solution for allergy relief that is made from 100% pure and natural ingredients, making it safe and effective for use. This pack includes a variety of products designed to soothe and alleviate allergy symptoms like sneezing, watery eyes, and congestion. Our Allergy Savior Pack is the perfect choice for anyone looking for a natural and effective solution to their allergy symptoms. With the Allergy Savior Pack, you can breathe easy and enjoy allergy-free days. Order now for a natural solution to allergy relief.

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Allergy Savior Pack is a combination of immunomodulating herbal medicines that protect from seasonal allergies and increase the disease-fighting capacity of the body. The combo is composed of Aller Savior capsules, Tulsi capsules, and Curcumin capsules that build immunity to fight allergies. So, this is the best combination of herbal remedies if you are experiencing issues like frequent cold, cough, seasonal allergies, or watery eyes.

Product Descriptions
Aller Savior capsules - Aller Savior is a multi-herb Ayurvedic formulation that can support the immune system, thereby enabling it to fight allergies. It is a non-sedative and non-habit-forming herbal product that can practically win over all types of allergens.
It can effectively restrict allergic reactions and inflammatory events by combating external irritants like dust, pollens, smoke, etc.
The immunity-boosting herbs which are combined for the preparation of Aller Savior formulation include Turmeric (Curcuma longa), Neem (Azadirachta indica), Shirish (Albizia lebbeck), Ashwagandha (Withania somnifera), Nettle leaf (Urtica dioica), Tulsi (Ocimum sanctum), Yashtimadhu (Glycyrrhiza glabra), and Kalimirch (Piper nigrum). Regular use of recommended dosage of Aller Savior can offer protection against seasonal allergies, halt sneezing, and control itching and discomfort.

Tulsi capsules- Tulsi (Ocimum sanctum) – also called Holy Basil – is the most revered medicinal herb which holds great therapeutic significance in Ayurveda. Tulsi has been considered the ‘Sacred Healer’ since ancient times, owing to its unique combination of pharmacological actions, especially its proven healing properties. The use of Tulsi is beneficial for detoxification of the body, fighting infections and allergies, managing asthma, and treating most ENT disorders.
The intake of Tulsi supplement in recommended daily dosage can strengthen the respiratory system, relieve physical and mental stress, and boost immunity.
Ayurvedic practitioners highly recommend the use of Tulsi supplements for managing Diabetes and chronic fever.

Curcumin capsules - Haridra (Curcuma longa) is referred to as the ‘Golden Herb’ in Ayurveda. It has immense medicinal significance because of its neuro-protective and restorative properties. It is considered nature’s best detoxifier.

Haridra has also been globally accepted as the most potent anti-inflammatory, anti-allergic and antioxidant herb. The ‘Curcumin’ component of Haridra has multiple health benefits and has proven effectiveness in the natural treatment of a number of disorders.
The use of Haridra supplement on a regular basis, under the guidance of an Ayurveda expert, can boost immunity, support the digestive process, relieve joint and muscle pain, and maintain healthy blood sugar levels.


1. Aller Savior
- Haridra (Curcuma longa) Std. Ext- 75mg
- Neem (Azadirachta indica) Std. Ext- 75mg
- Shirish (Albezzia lebbeck) Std. Ext - 75mg
- Ashwagandha (Withania somnifera) Std. Ext - 75mg
- Nettle leaf (Urtica dioca) Std. Ext - 75mg
- Tulsi (Ocimum sanctum) Std. Ext - 75mg
- Yashtimadhu (Glycyrhhiza glabra) Std. Ext - 25mg
- Kalimirch (Piper nigrum) Std. Ext - 25mg

2. Tulsi
Tulsi (Ocimum sanctum) Std. Ext. - 500 mg

3. Haridra- Curcumin 95%
Haridra (Curcuma longa) Std. Ext. - 500 mg


1. Aller Savior--- 2 capsules twice daily with lukewarm water after meals or as directed by your physician
2. Tulsi Cap---1 capsule twice daily with lukewarm water after meals or as directed by your physician
3. Curcumin Cap----1 capsule twice daily with lukewarm water after meals or as directed by your physician

Safety Info



1. Why do I have allergy?
Ans - Allergy is a kind of immune response of the body against a particular invader or any harmful antigen. When the body is unable to produce the required antibodies against the antigens, you get allergies. Antibodies minimize the harmful effects of any such foreign agents. Depending upon the causative agents, allergies are of different types and show a wide range of symptoms.
2. What are the different types of allergies?
Ans - Allergies are categorized on the basis of causative agents and hereditary factors. Causative agents are generally pollen grains, dust, mites, etc. Some people are also allergic to certain food items. These allergens give rise to symptoms like watery eyes and nose, throat irritation, reddish discoloration of the skin, frequent cold and cough, etc.
3. What can I eat to cure Allergies?
Ans - Apples, Oranges, Strawberries, Walnuts, Pineapple, Kiwi, Avocado, Garlic, Spinach, Sprouts, Flax seeds and Honey are some of the food items that can be consumed to avoid allergies and combat the harmful impact of certain allergens.
4. Which food items should be avoided in allergic seasons?
Ans - Withdrawing the use of causative agents is the primary way to reduce the risk of allergies. One should avoid the intake of raw or uncooked vegetables, foods that increase histamine levels and dairy products as these may alter the normalcy and trigger the symptoms of allergies.
5. How can I avoid anti-allergic medications?
Ans - Ayurvedic supplements like Aller Savior, Tulsi, Haridra, Neem, and Giloy, which are immunomodulating in nature help you to get rid of habit-forming, anit-allergic supplements. Anti-allergic medications relieve the symptoms of allergies caused by histamine. Histamine is a compound released in the body when it is irritated by foreign agents such as pollen, dust, mites, etc. Regular consumption of anti-allergic pills leads to a permanent dependency of an individual on these medicines to combat the allergic symptoms and hence, must be avoided by moving to natural alternatives.
6. What is the difference between allergy and intolerance?
Ans - Allergy is an immune response by the body to a foreign substance, especially pollen, a particular food, or dust which results in a hypersensitive response against it. Intolerance is the inability of the body to combat or respond to certain infectious foreign agents.
7. Is there any cure for allergy?
Ans - Allergies are absolutely curable if the causative agents are known. Anti-histamines can help to cure an allergic reaction. The immune system of a body determines the response to an allergy and if the immune system is strong, the defense mechanism is activated and hence combats the allergic reaction.
8. Is allergy related to immunity?
Ans - Allergic reaction is the response of an immune system on encountering a substance such as dust or pollen. The immune system reacts by producing antibodies that attack the allergen and hence, produce symptoms like cough, running nose, rashes etc.
9. Does indigestion leads to allergy?
Ans - When any food substance interacts with the body system, it undergoes various metabolic processes. The body either adapts or reacts to the specific food substance based on its specific properties. Indigestion and allergies are interrelated and allergies also may lead to indigestion.

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